Our Mission

 Our Values

We realize that each client is different. Therefore, we make it our aim to understand and work towards each client’s individual goals, be that growing their business, increasing personal wealth, or improving work-life balance.

We are also here to deliver maximum value to our clients by:
   - Understanding their ideas, needs and aspirations
   - Using impartial thinking to help them grow their business and/or personal wealth
   - Creating a clear and open communications relationship 

Our mission is to help clients excel. We respond successfully to an ever-changing business environment by remaining competitive and delivering premium services.

Due to our vast experience, we are able to:
- Offer clients assistance with all aspects of setting up company formation
- Provide a unique capacity to empower clients through actionable information, trends, strategies, and forecasts that will help them manage future changes 

We use our knowledge and experience to find ways to optimize processes and carry out routine tax and accounting tasks.

Founder And  Honorary Member
Chartered Accountant 
Member of the French Chartered Institut 
Founder and Manager ESCEC International

With 17 years’ experience in establishing and registering businesses in accounting, taxation and social matters, Faten provides entrepreneurs with professional advice and support for setting up a company, with a special aptitude for legal aspects and business registration.

She also provides financial assistance and accountancy advice to new entrepreneurs and businesses, helping them develop their business with useful tools like dashboards and business plans.

She is member of:

- American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Paris

- Association Femmes Experts-Comptable in Paris


International Chartered Accountant

Member of the French and Tunisian Chartered Instituts

Honorary Member of  ESCEC International


40 years’ experience in accountancy, business, tax advice and legal auditing. 
With an extensive understanding of business and international taxation, Salah has worked across a wide variety of sector groups and developed business solutions for clients.
He is the author of accounting/business/tax and social Tunisian Encyclopedias.

He is also the first author of training books for the candidates of the final exam of Chartered Accountant Diploma. He has also published two training books of 500 exercises-cases and assisted more than 200 Diploma finalists ("memorialists") in and outside France with a 90% success rate.

Heads of Departments

Rochdi AMAMOU 

Head of the Accountancy department 


Head of  Legal Department


Head of IT Department