The Full- Service 

Our services are designed to help our clients' businesses overcome the most common hurdles that affect up to 80% of new businesses. 

If all you need is an accountant to file your annual tax return or prepare your end of year accounts, we’re happy to do just that. We can undertake your bookkeeping and prepare management accounts in any format, under any timeline, and as frequently as you require.

We also offer advice on profitability, structuring your business, and optimizing cash flow. Our value is that we assist with the analysis of the accounts to help you make the best business decisions.
We will meet our clients’ financial and operational managers to develop a detailed picture of their particular business and its objectives.

We also work with our clients to identify high-risk areas and to develop constructive ways of controlling that risk. We provide information in various forms so that our clients can make effective business decisions.

Today , ESCEC International  provide a full range of quality services:


      Set-Up Business



Accounting- Tax-Payroll-Legal Services

Business Support Services
Business Advisory