For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses In France

What is the micro-entreprenur status?

The microenterprise is an sole proprietorship, composed of a single independent, self-employed worker. This is an ideal status for any entrepreneur who wants to launch his business activity easily.

Who is eligible for micro-entrepreneur status?

Not all are eligible for the micro-entrepreneur status, real estate professionals, artistic activities remunerated by copyright, operations on the financial markets are excluded etc. 
The two main criteria for obtaining the status are on the one hand to launch and carry out the activity alone, and on the other hand not to exceed the annual turnover ceiling corresponding to the activity carried out.

The limits of micro-entrepreneur status

With regard to the microenterprise regime, the turnover levels depend on the activity carried out: the micro-BIC regime (industrial and commercial profits) and the micro-BNC regime (non-commercial profits).

- Service based business, or a 'professional' activity, the turnover cannot exceed 70,000€ per year.
- Commercial sales, bar/restaurant or furnished accommodation, have a turnover limit of 170,000€ per year.


How to become a micro-entrepreneur?

Depending on the type of activity to be carried out, it is important to register with a Centre de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE) which depends on:

the Chamber of Trades, for craft activities,
URSSAF, for liberal activities,
the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), for all other commercial or service activities.

What are the obligations of a microentrepreneur?

 The entrepreneur in the microenterprise scheme is required to declare, at the end of each calendar month or quarter (depending on the methods chosen), all the turnover or income received for the period.




- Preparation of legal documents (P0, ACCRE,...)

- Checking the application by a chartered accountant (Expert-Comptable) 

- Registration with the administration according to the nature of the activity, URSSAF, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Trades 

- Assistance in opening a professional dedicated bank account



- Assistance in the preparation of a sales invoice template 

- Assistance with sale bookkeeping

- Assistance with purchase bookkeeping if necessary 

- Prepare and declare monthly or quarterly income tax returns to the concerned organizations (URSSAF, Net-entreprise)

- Preparation and declare  annual declarations to  URSSAF, Net-entreprise....

- Verification of declarations by the Chartered accountant (expert-comptable)

- Assistance in the preparation of the annual income tax return 

- Assistance and following up with social and tax authorities 



- Drafting of legal documents (P4,...)

- Verification of the application by a chartered accountant (Expert-comptable)

- Send statements and information to the relevant organizations

- Closing the professional bank account